We stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters

Malo e lelei, As Salam Alaikum

The Tongan Advisory Council wishes to convey its heartfelt condolences on behalf of the Tongan community in New Zealand to the Muslim community in New Zealand.

Islamaphobia resulting in the terrorist attack at the Christchurch Mosques on Friday 15 March and the loss of 49 Muslim lives is unacceptable.

With time, we hope justice will prevail for the families of the deceased, and white supremacism will be eradicated from society.

There is no community of people in New Zealand who experience discrimination and social exclusion for their faith like the Muslim followers of Islam.

Although words are inadequate to express our empathy for the community, we want Muslims to know that we stand with them in their struggles for peace, justice, and equal rights.

We want Muslims to thrive and prosper in New Zealand, be safe and accepted, and have their voices heard by the New Zealand authorities; which are the same aspirations we seek for our Tongan community.

‘Ofa pe ke omai he’e ‘Eiki ha fiemalie mo monuia kia kimoutolu katoa ‘i he taimi faingata’a ko eni.

Faka’apa’apa atu. Tongan Advisory Council
Contact:       Melino Maka, Chair.  Mob: 0275 635 466  

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