Unasa for Mayor

Reverend Usefili Unasa
Independent mayoral candidate Reverend Usefili Unasa invites you to the launch of his 2013 mayoral campaign.

Come and hear him explain why he is standing.

Reverence Unasa says he’s under no illusion that standing is beyond even a Valerie Adams long shot.

He says he has to have a go.

Reverend Unasa says he is standing to represent all Aucklanders who are feeling disaffected, disenfranchised and disheartened with the city’s leadership.

Reverend Unasa says Mayor Len Brown was elected into office essentially off the votes of the city’s Pacific community.

But Reverend Unasa says while his surname tells all he is Samoan his campaign is not aimed at Pacific voters.

“This campaign is not just to give voice to Auckland’s Pacific minority. It is to ensure Auckland’s entire minority communities are heard, listened to and see their issues being addressed, he says.

Auckland is one of the world’s most diverse cities with the largest concentration of Polynesians in the world not to mention, an eclectic hub for Asian and new migrants who bring wonderful business and entrepreneurial skills here to Aotearoa. It’s time for a unified voice.

When: Sunday 11 August

Where: Mt Eden Village Centre, 449 Mt Eden Road

Time: 1 – 2 pm

What: Unasa for Mayor Campaign Launch

MC: Ole Maiava

Janet Bond – Dean, Senior School of King’s School, Remuera
Dr Camille Nakhid – Chair of Migrant Action Trust and a founder and board member of the Waitakere Ethnic Board
Reverend Usefili Unasa

There will also be entertainment, food and beverages


A better Auckland for everyone


  • INVESTING in our people
  • INCLUSION of everyone
  • EMPOWERING communities
  • INSPIRING leadership

 Investing in our people:

As important as rail, trains, roads and well-serviced infrastructure are, the greatest investment we can make as a city is in our people – especially our children and youth.

Key Investments Areas:

–          Southern Initiative (Otahuhu – Papakura Local Board areas) is a key transformational platform of the 30 year Auckland Plan. Education failure, housing over-crowding, youth unemployment, deprivation are huge challenges that need addressing if Auckland is to grow and prosper. Youth educational failure not only impacts on families and communities concerned but on the whole Auckland region and its future.

My proposal is for Council to:

–          Identify and make available appropriately financial and human resources on early childhood education and youth career pathways, working with partners in community, private sector, not for profit organisation, and central government.

–          Make the Southern Initiative a “Mayoralty Priority” so that there is strong leadership from the highest office in the city.

–          Make the Southern Initiative the template for progressing longstanding issues in the Tamaki, West Auckland and North Shore developments.

Inclusion of everyone

Auckland city is home to some 150 plus ethnic communities. This is the new Auckland not reflected in the leadership and key policy and strategic planning of our city.

I propose to establish a culture of diversity by:

–          chairing a Mayoral Audit Review of the Council.

–          reviewing the Mayoral Office advisors and staff.

–          reviewing the senior management structure of Council.

–          reviewing governance boards of council controlled organisations.

–          dis-establishing the Pacific & Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panels.

Empower communities

Local communities and leaders know best what they need and the resources to realise them. I propose Council will:

–          listen and work closely with Community Local Boards.

–          build and nurture strong relationships with community leaders.

–          support and resource local initiatives.

Inspiring leadership

The issues around the Sky City Convention Centre decision, the need for a Living Wage for those on low incomes and the non-commitment to the needs of ethnic minority communities require a thoughtful and a people-focused style of leadership.

My commitment is:

–          an inclusive and consensus style of decision-making.

–          people before projects.

–          community connected.

For more information contact:

Melino Maka
Mob: 0275 635 466
Email: melino.maka@gmail.com

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