Uber passenger service, a new Pacific opportunity

Pacific people make their own decisions about when, where and how long to drive.

On Saturday morning 1 April Auckland, then other Pacific Islanders, will be able to explore employment opportunities driving Uber passengers. A letter of invitation to the Uber Pacific Symposium 10-12 am in the Lesieli Tonga Auditorium at 143 Favona Road, Mangere, Auvkland has been sent to potentially interested people by the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga.
 The symposium will provide Uber the opportunity to present to the Pacific community, including church members, the pathway to become Uber operators as an avenue for economic independence through employment and entrepreneurship.
The Wesleyan church says an important part of their role is to look after the wellbeing of their members. "We witness their financial struggles daily, so we will facilitate access to opportunities that may improve their spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing" the church invitation says.
RSVP melino@pasefikasolutions.com or contact mob: 027 563 5466 if you would like to attend. Light refreshments will be provided after the symposium.
Andy Bowie, Uber Marketing Manager, and his team, will speak with interested Pacific people in the passenger service company's search to employ a diverse range of drivers.
The relatively new international Uber business provides drivers and passengers an alternative to taxis. Uber uses computer technology that reduces operators paper work and speeds up payments. Governments are studying the best way to influence the behaviour of both taxi and Uber operators.
Other communities are active in Uber operations. Pacific community leaders see the opportunity for Pacific people, and seek to bring their people and Uber opportunities together. The Uber marketing management were receptive to the wish of Pacific leaders to put opportunities before appropriate Pacific people.
Initial enquiries amongst New Zealand Parliamentarians show that Pacific MPs are uncertain about the Uber opportunity. Meanwhile some NZ MPs, such as Labour finance spokesperson Grant Robertson have been researching the future of work, and favour initiatives to create opportunities in new business. Some existing taxi businesses are not keen on the arrival of Uber, and some other MPs and passengers have questions about the Uber way of doing business.


by Anthony Haas, 
Asia Pacific Economic News Bureau,
represents tonganz.net in the Press Gallery,
Parliament, Wellington.

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