Tonga Parliament elected new Speaker

Nuku’alofa, Tonga, 19 July 2012: After King Tupou VI has revoked Lord Lasike’s appointment as the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga and he is no longer a member of parliament representing the nobility.

It quickly happened after last week supreme court convicted Lord Lasike for an offence under section 4(2)(b) of the Arms and Ammunition Act.

The decision was made by the king under Clause 61(2) (c) of the Constitution in his letter to Lord Lasike.

There will now a by-election to replace Lord Lasike for a new Noble representative for ‘Eua

This morning Parliament went through process of appointing new speaker. and Lord Fakafanua, the Noble’s Representative for Ha’apai was elected as the new Speaker of the Tongan Parliament this morning.

There were three candidates at the start Lord Fakafanua, Lord Tu’ilakepa and the new Minister of Health, Lord Tu’i’afitu was nominated by ‘Akilisi Pohiva but later withdrawn.

Final votes, Lord Fakafanua who received 17 votes and Tu’ilakepa who received 8.

During this morning’s session Hon. Sangster Saulala, People Representative for Tongatapu 7 and member of Tonga Democratic Part was sworn in as the new Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Following the election of the new Speaker the Acting Speaker closed the House to allow the Prime Minister to inform the King, and for the completion of the process, with the appointment of the new Speaker by the King.

The latest will throw another mix into the political process in the Kingdom, as they are still waiting for the House to make a decision on the Vote of No Confidence in the Prime Minister that was tabled with the House last month.

Saulala, a new Cabinet Minister, which also comes with collective responsbility and will give Lord Tu’ivakano a political lifeline but the challenge now, what happen to his signature he signed last month for No Confidence of the Prime Minister’s government the he’s now on the executive?

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