Three Free Wesleyan Church Ministers Demoted and Sent to Tonga

Pulela'a SydneyThree Reverend Ministers of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga responsible for the loss of millions of dollars of church property in Sydney have been demoted and sent back to Tonga.

According to the Church’s general secretary, Rev Dr Tevita Havea, says it is bringing Sione Pinomi, Viliami Tu’akoi and Matafonua Fotofili to Tonga for counselling.

The Sydney property losses included the Pulela’a church, 166 Glendenning Road which was put into liquidation in 2012.

The Supreme Court in Sydney then ordered Tonga’s Free Wesleyan Church to sell off five properties in Australia to pay a debt that amounted to about ten million US dollars.

Those properties included churches in Melbourne and Brisbane, and homes used by the church ministers in Sydney.

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