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Stand a Noble

Collapsed parliament after Cyclone Gita. Photograph: Matangi Tonga.   Tonga’s 9 nobles’ representatives to Legislative Assembly must take back our country.  ‘Akilisi Pohiva’s Democratic Party disorder has dragged us down to rock bottom.  There’s no two ways about it: stand a noble for Prime Minister at the second parliamentary ballot.  As for Tongan voters registered […]

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Threatening the Press

Tonga’s Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva. Photograph: e-Tangata. Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva was Tonga’s very own Dear Leader.  Appointing himself the head of a security council of one, he got on Radio New Zealand to announce he was at war with the enemy of the state.  The Tonga Broadcasting Commission was in deep zoo poop.   […]

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Winning the moral high ground

Noble MPs to Tonga’s Legislative Assembly, Lord Fusitu’a, Lord Tu’ihateiho, Lord Tu’ihangana, Lord Nuku, Lord Tu’ilakepa. Photograph: Fusitu’a. Tonga’s seven noble MPs who tabled a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva may not have won the numbers on the day to elect him out of office at the final count of 10-14 […]

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Fusitu’a in UN dialogue

Fusitu’a. Minister for Tourism Semisi Sika (right), eyes closed at the Tonga delegation seats in the United Nations General Assembly hall. From a distance, the United Nations General Assembly hall resembles a sea of suits in a variety of colours, sizes, and kinds.  When you put away the vala tupenu and tau’ovala to suit up […]

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