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What Informal Economy – Drugs?

Anti-government protestors, Nicaragua. Associated Press.   Nicaragua is the poorest Central American country on the brink of a bloody brutal civil war.  More than 200 people have been killed by police and pro-government para-militaries.  Anti-government protestors have home-made weapons that fire rocks.  They can’t combat an organised, armed state force. The death toll rises while […]

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It looks very odd

Tonga’s Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva (3rd from right) and cabinet ministers. Photograph: Matangi Tonga. “It looks very odd,” exclaimed Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva, Tonga’s very own Dear Leader.  Speaking to the media at his legendary imagine I’m running a White House Press Conference, he blurted out an idea off the top of his head.  It […]

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Pro corruption in the zoo – what?

Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva giving Tonga’s statement at the 2016 UN General Assembly in New York. Photograph: Yin Bogu for Xinhua. On UN WEB TV, the world could watch the zoo at the United Nations General Assembly drop the ball with two minute’s dead-time at the podium.  We kid you not: Prime Minister Pohiva got […]

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Vuna wharf May 2013

Doing business in the Kingdom

Vuna wharf, still with no lighting, running water, fire-fighting equipment, life buoys, fenders nor correct bio hazardous waste disposal. Friday 6 September 2013: Spring is here and let us have a frank look at doing business in the Kingdom;  Airlines, Cruise Ships,  and Government. Firstly a big thank you to the deputy Prime Minister,  Samiu […]

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