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The team working on the rat control programme in the Vava'u islands in the Kingdom of Tonga

Battling invasive species helps saves the Tongan whistler

The endemic Hengahenga, also known as the Tongan Whistler, and other native bird species have increased in population over the past year on Mt Talau in the Vava’u islands in the Kingdom of Tonga, with support from several projects executed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in partnership with the Government […]

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Vava'u Whale Rescue Training

Teaching whale rescue in Tonga

We’re helping save whales in the South Pacific by funding workshops that teach how to free them safely from fishing gear. The ocean can become a death trap for sea animals A staggering 640,000 tonnes of abandoned fishing gear is left in our oceans each year, injuring and killing hundreds of thousands of sea animals […]

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clean pacific

Biodiversity in Vava’u, Tonga under the microscope

Much more will be known about the plants and animals of the Vava’u archipelago in Tonga by the end of February, after the most ambitious study ever undertaken in the island group. “A team of experienced biologists, which includes several Tongan specialists, will participate in this major expedition to conduct rapid biodiversity and ecological assessments […]

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Forget China: No Shark Trade in Tonga. Yeah Right

In the South Pacific winter of 2013, Michael Brassington reported from Tonga that “China is now the South Pacific’s most valued VIP.” The Australian journalist was interviewing Pesi Fonua, longstanding Tongan publisher who commented: “They are definitely calling the shots. Whatever they want they can negotiate or take it.” Referring to China, he ranked this […]

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