Pacific Christian School registration suspended

Dr. Liufau SaulalaThe Ministry of Education has suspended the registration of Pacific Christian School in Mangere because of serious and ongoing concerns about the safety and welfare of the students.

This is the first time we’ve suspended a private school’s registration and it hasn’t been done lightly.

We have met with the school a number of times, but they haven’t provided us with any assurances to change our view that the children at this school are at risk. That can’t be allowed to continue.

We have taken into account a special review from the Education Office Review Report that has found a number of concerns remain, including the quality of teaching and learning and the welfare of students.  It recommended that we review the school’s licence.

We have also been working with Police and Child, Youth and Family as they completed their investigations into allegations of physical discipline that followed a serious incident at the school last year.  Police have advised us that four teachers have been formally warned over their actions and that they have advised the Education Council of the outcome of their investigation.

While all of those investigations have been carried out, the Ministry has been watching the school very closely and we would have acted immediately if required.

The suspension of the school’s registration takes effect from September the 25th.   We will be very closely monitoring the school until then and making sure that we are fully supporting the students at the school and their families.  We have a team of Tongan speaking staff who will be working alongside the families to make sure the 70 students are enrolled at new schools by the start of Term Four.

The suspension will remain in place until the school can satisfy us that students would not be at risk in terms of both their learning and safety and welfare.  If that doesn’t happen, we have the option of cancelling the registration.

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Catherine Delore
Chief Media Advisor
Ministry of Education

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