HM Tupou VI Speech from the Throne Opening of Parliament 2015

HM King Tupou VI opening 2015 - 2016 Parliament.

HM King Tupou VI opening 2015 – 2016 Parliament.

Thursday 28 May 2015

Lord Speaker. I give thanks to the Almighty that you are well as are the Prime Minister, Their Lordships and Ministers of the Cabinet , the Lord Peers and Members of the Parliament.

It is important for Parliament that government has an important working agenda, to implement good governance, eliminate poverty, and to address social issues such as healthy living and raising the standard of education, and technical innovation.

It is important for the country to be well preparing of natural disasters, challenges we face with climate change and to encourage move toward renewable energy.

There are major projects to be addressed such as improving the standard of our transportation and communication services, and to prepare the country to host the 2019 Pacific Games.

Lord Speaker, it is important for government to pay special attention to the important sectors that are most relevant to the economic livelihood of the people such as agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

We extend our gratitude to the Governments of Commonwealth of Australia, the Government of New Zealand, the People’s Republic of China, Japan, the for their generous assistance to our country in the past year. We are also grateful to the help which we have received from the European Union and the World Bank for their invaluable help.

As we prepare for the coronation and I want to acknowledge all the efforts have done by the government and country towards it.

I send you all my Greetings and best wishes for this year’s parliamentary term.


Tupou VI

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