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Stand a Noble

Collapsed parliament after Cyclone Gita. Photograph: Matangi Tonga.   Tonga’s 9 nobles’ representatives to Legislative Assembly must take back our country.  ‘Akilisi Pohiva’s Democratic Party disorder has dragged us down to rock bottom.  There’s no two ways about it: stand a noble for Prime Minister at the second parliamentary ballot.  As for Tongan voters registered […]

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44 Gallon Drum

A 44 gallon drum at Tuingapapai Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga in Mangere. Photograph: Teena Brown.   In theory, Tonga’s Legislative Assembly of 26 representatives elected from the people and the nobles sat on the week of Monday 5 March to discuss Cyclone Gita’s recovery plan.  In reality, the useful detail that emerged was the […]

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National Security Risk

Akilisi Pohiva. Photograph: Fale Alea o Tonga. Was Tonga’s Prime Minister, Akilisi Pohiva, a national security risk to his own country?  Parliament morphed into a shuddering scene on 18 January.  The annual swearing in ceremony looked somewhat staged to the public audience.  Arriving with his medical physician, the Prime Minister’s recital was cut short by […]

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Zoo with no keeper

Opening of Tonga’s parliament, 2018. Photograph: Fale Alea o Tonga. A political zoo with no keeper can cause serious health problems for an entire country.  Certainly it had disrupted Tonga’s polity and economy.  The question was, were we staring down the barrel of growing dysfunction in government that’d been transferred over from Akilisi Pohiva’s last […]

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