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World Development Report 2014: Risk and Opportunity – Managing Risk for Development

Better risk management can unlock opportunities, prevent crises, and protect poor amidst disasters and shocks, says World Bank Washington, October 6, 2013 – In the face of social unrest, economic crises, and more frequent natural disasters, preparation and recovery efforts by governments, communities, and individuals have become increasingly essential. Effective risk management can provide both […]

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APEC Ministers focus on removing barriers to women

Bali, Indonesia, 9 Sep 2013 – The 2013 APEC High Level Policy Dialogue on Women and the Economy issued a statement on Sunday, concluding a four-day meeting focused on ensuring women realize their full potential as economic drivers. “We are working on removing obstacles that currently restrict women from realizing their full economic potential,” said […]

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vuna wharf July 2013

S. Pacific ‘Chinese ports’ cause worry / Japan, U.S., Australia wary of ‘footholds’

NUKU’ALOFA—Japanese, U.S. and Australian defense authorities are increasingly wary over China’s moves to develop port facilities in island countries in the Pacific Ocean amid concern that those facilities could become Chinese Navy footholds in the future. Japan, the United States and Australia aim to take concerted action to curb China’s growing influence in the Pacific […]

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