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Albert Wendt ONZ

Son of Samoa receives the order of New Zealand

Auckland: Renowned novelist, poet and academic Maualaivao Emeritus Professor Albert Wendt achievement was celebrated at investiture ceremonies at Government House here in Auckland yesterday. Emeritus Professor Wendt was invested and is now the first Samoan, and Pacific representative to receive New Zealand’s highest honour, the Order of New Zealand. There were congratulations to Emeritus Professor […]

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Address to 11th Annual Immigration Law Conference

It’s an honour for me to be invited here today to open your 11th annual conference. I’m sure you will have some fruitful and robust discussions over the next couple of days. Having been Minister of Immigration for just over six months now I’ve been doing plenty of reflection on immigration policy and process and […]

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A different kind of country

The government’s convention centre deal with SkyCity has been giving off a bad smell for a long time now. The contents of the deputy auditor general’s report on the process were enough for the usually conservative John Armstrong to declare the government’s “shonky” selection of Sky City’s bid as “verging on banana republic kind of […]

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The Retirement Gamble

Why you can’t afford to retire: Frontline investigates the other financial crisis

FRONTLINE Presents: The Retirement Gamble For most Americans, traditional retirement is now a pipe dream: Six in 10 people believe they’ll have to delay retirement, just 14 percent are very confident they’ll be able to live comfortably once they stop working, and 17 percent believe they’ll never retire at all. Who is to blame? The […]

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