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New Zealand Media Ownership Report

The JMAD 2015 New Zealand Media Ownership Report observes that New Zealand media companies are now owned by a small number of private funds and investment banks. In the case of MediaWorks, financial ownership has intensified its profit imperatives, and led to the demolition of its news and currents affairs programmes. In this context, it […]

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With reget

Auckland, 25 July 2014: tonganz, with reget, brings readers this report on cutbacks to the ABC. Tongans, friends of Tonga, and other concerns for small island developing states will suffer. The ABC has been an invaluable ally in our development journalism.   Melino Maka, publisher Anthony Haas, correspondent

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Ben Tameifuna

Aussie mockumentary upsets community leader but Kiwis seem to see the funny side

A mockumentary depicting a misbehaving Tongan boy at an Australian high school has angered members of the community there, with one Tongan leader calling it racist. But there is mixed reaction among Tongans here – with some high-profile members praising the film as good comedy. Jonah From Tonga, a film featuring Aussie actor and comedian […]

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