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Cyclone Jasmine brought heavy rain to Tonga.

Tonga mops up after cyclone Jasmine

More than 400 people in Tonga have been displaced by severe flooding caused by cyclone Jasmine, disaster officials say. Authorities said 71 families on the main island of Tongatapu were forced to evacuate their homes, while most schools and businesses in Nuku’alofa were closed due to flooding. Leveni Aho, from Tonga’s Disaster Relief Activities, said […]

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On Feb. 14, 2012 at 1241 UTC (7:41 a.m.), the MODIS instrument on NASA's Terra Satellite captured this infrared image of Cyclone Jasmine near Tonga. The strongest thunderstorms and heaviest...

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Jasmine near Tonga

Tropical Cyclone Jasmine is still lingering near the island nation of Tonga in the South Pacific and was captured in an infrared image from NASA’s Aqua satellite. Jasmine is bringing gusty winds and heavy rainfall to some of Tonga’s islands. When Aqua flew over Cyclone Jasmine on February 14, 2012 at 1241 UTC (7:41 a.m.), […]

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