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Labor Market Integration in the South Pacific: Lessons from the Australian-New Zealand Experience

Through the Pacific Islands Forum – the main multilateral organisation in the South Pacific –  Australia, New Zealand, and a number of less developed small island states (known as the Forum Island Countries) are approaching the final stages of negotiations on a comprehensive trade deal under the umbrella process established in 2001: the Pacific Agreement […]

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Jane Kelsey: TPPA ministerial fails – time for Key and Groser to cut their losses

‘The “final” ministerial meeting on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) in Maui has failed. Not opting to stay another day shows the gridlock is serious and potentially intractable’, according to University of Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey. ‘Everyone is blaming each other in Maui’, Kelsey said. ‘But the underlying reason for the gridlock is the […]

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US President Barack Obama with US workers.

Major Holes in TPP Fact-Sheets + Inequalities Among Member States – Jane Kelsey

University of Auckland trade law expert Professor Jane Kelsey has evaluated the released Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement texts and states there are “major holes” in the Government’s fact sheets and apparent inequalities between signature states. Professor Kelsey said an initial review of the most controversial chapters confirms that New Zealand will have to comply with onerous […]

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