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agro 2013

She’ll wake up one of these days and find she’s turned into a Tongan: Agricultural Trade in the Kingdom of Tonga

In November of 2012, the Government of Tonga announced it had put $1 million Tongan pa’anga into setting up a fund for exporting taro, tapioca, watermelon, and yam targeted for sale on the New Zealand market. It took three months for this public notice to reach independent media, getting published by local news outlets in […]

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VSA appeals for Tongan tourism

In March Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) sent an appeal letter which followed the journey of Olini – a small business owner in Tonga. With the support of The Tonga Business Enterprise Centre and Michelle Baker a VSA Volunteer, Olini found more successful ways to manage her business. Olini is now busy serving great food and […]

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