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Polynesians discovered America first, says DNA

Photo: Wiki CommonsNew DNA analysis of sweet potatoes, which were first cultivated in the Americas, suggests that Polynesians reached the New World long before Columbus. The prevailing theory about the “rediscovery” of the American continents used to be such a simple tale. Most people are familiar with it: In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean […]

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History of Aleamotu’a

Aleamotuʻa Aleamotuʻa (birth date unknown, died 18 November 1845) (addressed as Tupou when he became Tu’i Kanokupolu, then baptized as Siosaia (Josiah) Tupou and later known as Tupou ‘i Fale Tui Papai, after the name of the area in which he was buried). Aleamotuʻa was the 18th Tu’i Kanokupolu of Tonga, the third lineage of […]

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Tu'i Tonga Tombs

Research Reveals Tonga’s Role as Pacific Trade Hub

A geochemical analysis of prehistoric stone artifacts has revealed that Tonga was once the hub of a Pacific trading empire as large as 500,000 square kilometers. In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Geoffrey Clarke of Australian National University and his team analyzed Tongan stone artifacts and found that […]

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NZ supplies to Ha'apai Jan 2014

Disease, mosquitos, dengue may follow cyclone Ian says Oxfam’s partner TNYC

CANBERRA, Jan 15 (Reuters) – Widespread destruction caused by a tropical cyclone that hit the South Pacific island nation of Tonga last week is raising fears of a disease outbreak in the island kingdom. Tropical Cyclone Ian, a category-five cyclone, appears to have destroyed up to 90 percent of homes on the northern Ha’apai Islands, which are home to […]

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